"Performing music on an instrument is a purely re-creative act. What sets Jarred Dunn apart from other musicians is a creative spark that informs the person, as well as the musician.  The very way he practices and probes music to the core makes him the true philosopher, a person who searches for the truth behind everything he does. He carries the hard- earned integration of musical feeling, thinking and physical coordination into the non-musical aspects of his life, thus harmonizing everything he does. It is because he is imbued with this unique gift that Jarred Dunn is destined to make a significant contribution to the world."

Seymour Bernstein, Steinway Artist and Composer

"I can certainly attest to the fact that he is a master teacher of the piano and music in general. I have arranged several master classes for him and I have watched the psychological and musical effect he has on the pupils."

David Dubal, The Juilliard School

Above: Piano Master Class in Vilnius Pre-College (Lithuania, April 2018). Below: Chamber Music Master Class at F. Chopin University of Music (Białystok, Poland, December 2017)

"Jarred Dunn is a total and passionate educator...As a piano pedagogue, he quickly recognizes and adapts to the ability level of his student. Not only does he have a profound knowledge of the classical repertoire – especially the works of Beethoven – but he also passes it on with remarkable ease...Mr. Dunn to find solutions for the most complex pianistic challenges and eliminates problems of tension in the hands and arms. I am convinced that his approach to piano technique is something many pianists will greatly benefit from... He creates an ideal environment for aspiring pianists of all ages to develop their skills, and given his enormous expertise he is able to substantially contribute to their musical development."

Pawel Markowicz, Vienna-based Pianist, Composer and Conductor

"Jarred Dunn is an outstanding and amazing teacher who uses student oriented teaching strategies and extracts his students' potential to their fullest.  He simplifies the pieces to the students' level of understanding and gives them confidence, motivation and constructive feedback, which indeed is admirable. My children truly enjoy and are always looking forward to their lessons."

Vijitha Puviindran

Mozart Piano Concerto K. 466 (Belarus Symphony of Radio and Television, Minsk) - Jarred Dunn
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