"Performing music on an instrument is a purely re-creative act. What sets Jarred Dunn apart from other musicians is a creative spark that informs the person, as well as the musician.  The very way he practices and probes music to the core makes him the true philosopher, a person who searches for the truth behind everything he does. He carries the hard- earned integration of musical feeling, thinking and physical coordination into the non-musical aspects of his life, thus harmonizing everything he does. It is because he is imbued with this unique gift that Jarred Dunn is destined to make a significant contribution to the world."

Seymour Bernstein, Steinway Artist and Composer

"I can certainly attest to the fact that he is a master teacher of the piano and music in general. I have arranged several master classes for him and I have watched the psychological and musical effect he has on the pupils."

David Dubal, The Juilliard School

Teaching, Lecturing, and Workshop Experiences | What Students, Teachers, and Colleagues are Saying 



"Jarred is a delight to study with. His passion for music and teaching are evident during every moment of our sessions. He is demanding but patient, and his teaching style is creative and adaptable. His age belies his erudition and worldliness, and his ability to effortlessly draw on an astoundingly profound knowledge of the genre to instantly illustrate a specific point of pedagogy is something you might expect from an old master, perhaps not from such a young one."

-Roy Gordon


"Jarred's lesson on Tonebase stood out from other instructors' in that it was methodical and cohesive. As a pianist and teacher, I am always looking for tactical, foundational, and somewhat universal truths that may be reproduced in myself and my students on the road to mastery - reproduction being the hallmark of proven methods. It is shocking how often these foundational tenets - in his example, guidelines to playing a C major scale - are ignored or assumed within piano pedagogy. Part of my students' and my own confusion comes when different ideas of piano pedagogy directly conflict with each other.  Having a framework to practice from is invaluable, and that's what Jarred provides. He teaches with clear instruction, and explains the 'why' beyond the method, which is essential for self-monitoring and moving forward in the right direction. Great instructor!"

-Michelle Kalisz, Third Street Music School (NYC) Faculty

"Jarred Dunn is an exceptional piano teacher and pedagogue. 

 His deep understanding of how the piano works is evident in each lesson.

Jarred does not simply teach his students how to play the music that is on 

the page.  The technique he teaches focuses on how to use your body

properly, in an all natural way, to ensure that injury is prevented after

practicing. Many pianists, both professionals and amateurs, complain

about having pain in their body, most commonly in their hands and

wrists. As Jarred works with his students, he makes sure that everything

feels comfortable and natural while playing, and that no pain is caused.  

Studying with Jarred has shown me how to look at the music more in

depth, and has taught me how to use the technique in a way that

will achieve the sounds I want to create. 


In each lesson, Jarred and the student have a goal, and Jarred always

works in a way to ensure that goal is met. In a constructive way, Jarred

pulls apart the piece the student is working on, and shows them how to

put the piece back together again. Although it may seem difficult at first, after a while by using the techniques that Jarred teaches, each piece becomes easier to learn. Pieces are learned faster and one's repertoire quickly grows after studying with Jarred. Jarred not only teaches technique, but his wealth of knowledge about each specific piece allows the student to understand even more about the background of the piece and what was going on in the composer's life at the time. This can be useful because it makes the piece more interesting and gives clues on how to play it accurately and tastefully. 


Something that stands out in each lesson is the passion Jarred has about the music and in his teaching. Although sometimes lessons may seem overwhelming due to the work that has to be done, Jarred gives the student the confidence needed to continue and not give up. It has been great working with Jarred; I have learned a lot from him, and he has shown me what I am capable of achieving. I had been feeling less confident about my playing, to the point where I didn't want to play for anyone anymore, but Jarred has given me back my confidence to play for others once again. I highly recommend studying with Jarred Dunn, as he is an eccentric and passionate teacher with a wealth of knowledge that can help anyone with their playing, no matter their level. Jarred makes everyone reach for their true potential."

     Matthew Bayford

 "Jarred Dunn is a good piano teacher because he brings out the 
passion in his students. He gives his students a whole new perspective on the piano.
Instead of focusing too much on technical details, he focuses more on the musicality
of the piece. He showed me aspects of the piano I never even knew it had.
Most importantly, he makes the most complex pieces seem as a piece of cake!" 

     Praveen P.


      "Jarred Dunn was a legend from a very young age. He is a phenomenal and
sensational pianist among many other attributes and possesses the qualities
of an understanding teacher and mentor.
His detail work is not only in the technical
aspect but also great emphasis on emotion and passion while he plays and teaches,
bringing out a new perspective of the the pianist and the piano itself. He has
recognized and brought out the passion for piano in many of his students,
including myself, and also his listeners."

     Bhairavy P.


                                                                               "Jarred values professionalism, and establishing professional boundaries with his  

           students.  It is has been my honor and pleasure to study with Jarred
and I am eager for the years ahead, when he will continue to guide
and empower me with what I need, to accomplish my goals."

                            Alexander Knight



"I began taking piano lessons with Jarred as a adult beginner, he is always very patient and very professional. Through his high standards of teaching, I found another beauty in life: music. I enjoy continuous learning from him and feel blessed to have a music teacher like him!"

Jie Jie

"When I arrived for my first piano lesson at Jarred Dunn's studio, I was so nervous. Right 

away Jarred put me at ease.  After I played a short piece that I had learned on my own, 

we started working on developing a good solid technique.  At the end of my first lesson 

I was amazed at how different and much better my hands felt on the piano.  I never 

realized how tense I was when I played.  Jarred continues to work with me to help build 

my technique and expend minimal energy during performance.  Whereas in the past I 

would tire quickly, now I feel that I can play as long as I want.


He is very patient and able to adapt his teaching technique to my personality. 

There are times when I find a particular passage of music challenging, and Jarred is able

to identify the problem and help me to understand how to overcome it.  When I’m not

happy with the sound of a particular performance, he works with me through the musical

passages and helps me to produce the sound that I want."

     Miro Pauliuc


"I have been studying with Jarred Dunn for two and a half years, and am astounded with 

the progress I have made. I taught piano for ten years before I met Jarred, and I felt like I 

had gone as far as I could regarding my performance capabilities. I thought I was too old

and out of practice to make any real progress. Yet, Jarred has made it possible for me to 

communicate exactly what I want when I play, by teaching me the Taubman Technique. He 

put in the time that was necessary to make sure I had a good foundation. Once that was established, my fingers began to fly. I am not limited by pain or discomfort, and musical possibilities are endless, now that I am comfortable at the piano. Jarred is highly intuitive, which allows him to see any underlying problems, and is aware of the student's potential to be able to solve them. He has a solution for everything, and makes the learning process enjoyable. My love of classical music was reignited by him."

    Tasi Glass, Studio Assistant


"I had the opportunity to take lessons with Jarred Dunn as I was preparing for my ARCT in piano performance at the Royal Conservatory of Music during the summer of 2009. Jarred’s instruction proved to be immensely valuable for my preparation. Not only was he helpful by providing insight into the nuances and details of compositions I was playing at a smaller-scale, going through the pieces with me measure-by-measure, Jarred was also very informative with regards to the large-scale form. Indeed, his approach to teaching is very holistic as we focused on the repertoire, approaching it from the technical, expressive, emotive, and even philosophical perspectives. This variety of interpretations with which Jarred tackled the compositions that I played for him and the way in which we were able to discuss them and try them out was enormously instructive.  


One crucial advantage of Jarred’s teaching style is his ability to create a relaxed and yet very stimulating atmosphere for learning. He is able to generate a very comfortable and open manner of interaction with those he is instructing, while maintaining professionalism.


Jarred is exceptionally passionate about piano pedagogy and this enthusiasm is extremely contagious when learning from him. This is especially important when learning very high-level compositions that require a lot of patience and thoroughness. Jarred’s unique, energetic, and creative approach to teaching is surely to be a highly important contribution to the field of piano pedagogy."

     Polina Dessiatnitchenko, The University of Toronto

"I had a personal opportunity to witness Jarred teach some of my senior students in my studio.  Jarred’s approach is both direct and imaginative, drawing on his broad vocabulary and use of analogy.  I was impressed to see quick results and improvements in the sound and ease with which the students approached the piano....Those who have the opportunity to work with Jarred Dunn will find that what he offers will open up a world of musical possibilities."

     Jennifer Smele, ORMTA

"Under Mr. Dunn's tutelage, I have found myself able to advance successfully into more challenging repertoire and physical techniques which have given me a great deal more interpretive freedom and musical satisfaction. Every lesson presents a wealth of information. Jarred is a sharp observer of physical technique and is quickly able to diagnose and provide effective problem-solving solutions. His manner in lessons is forthright, encouraging, and respectful. He is generous with his information, and patient when I need to review new concepts or ask for further clarification. He is able to clearly demonstrate his suggestions and corrections. His obvious depth of understanding of a large repertoire of many compositional styles, his beautifully fluid performances, and his very discerning ear for the sensitivities of musical subtlety and inflection gave him instant credibility with me."

    Marianne Carefoot, RMT

Above: Piano Master Class in Vilnius Pre-College (Lithuania, April 2018). Below: Chamber Music Master Class at F. Chopin University of Music (Białystok, Poland, December 2017)

"Jarred Dunn is a total and passionate educator...As a piano pedagogue, he quickly recognizes and adapts to the ability level of his student. Not only does he have a profound knowledge of the classical repertoire – especially the works of Beethoven – but he also passes it on with remarkable ease...Mr. Dunn to find solutions for the most complex pianistic challenges and eliminates problems of tension in the hands and arms. I am convinced that his approach to piano technique is something many pianists will greatly benefit from... He creates an ideal environment for aspiring pianists of all ages to develop their skills, and given his enormous expertise he is able to substantially contribute to their musical development."

Pawel Markowicz, Vienna-based Pianist, Composer and Conductor

"Jarred Dunn is an outstanding and amazing teacher who uses student oriented teaching strategies and extracts his students' potential to their fullest.  He simplifies the pieces to the students' level of understanding and gives them confidence, motivation and constructive feedback, which indeed is admirable. My children truly enjoy and are always looking forward to their lessons."

Vijitha Puviindran

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