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Chopin Polonaises Part 1

Welcome to the first part of a seminar devoted to the Chopin Polonaises. Click above to access the materials for the next week of reading and preparing. The bibliography will be accessible by Monday, August 16, 2021. You will need all Chopin Polonaises (Ekier ed. recommended).

This seminar's handout is simply a list of topics and you may access it as a PDF document or DOCx format. 

To the right are two videos that show changes of the Polonaise over time. The first video is from the 1999 film adaptation of Pan Tadeusz  (Mickiewicz, 1834): it is a lengthy processional preceding a banquet. The second, from a 2017 Prom (Studniówka) at a typical Polish high school.

^ Start watching at 01:07

Polonaise Performances

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